RFI Revive Adserver Signup Plugin

RFI Revive Adserver Signup Plugin enables Advertiser and Publisher accounts to be created via the administrator and via self-service registration, and offers the following features:

  • One-click install
  • Advertiser creation by admin.
  • Publisher creation by admin.
  • Permissions set to permit Publisher to create new and modify existing zones.
  • Permissions set to permit Advertiser to edit existing banners.
  • Advertiser self-service signup page (must accept url terms).
  • Publisher self-service signup page (must accept url terms).
  • Form field validation for data integrity
  • Clear administrator menus
  • Optionally create default advertiser campaign
  • Optionally auto-create matching publisher account on advertiser creation
  • Open source
  • Installation and bugfix support
  • 1 year software upgrades

Compatible with Revive Adserver v3.1.0 and up.